The following document outlines our support service level agreement (SLA) for the SpamTrawler Web Application Firewall


Service Level Agreement

Customer Support


Revision: 1.0 

The agreement covers the support services for the “SpamTrawler Web Application Firewall”.
This agreement remains as valid until revised, and will be reviewed periodically, with further reviews in the case of a breach of this agreement.

Service Description 
The SUPPORT SERVICE consists of technical support for end-customers running the SpamTrawler Web Application Firewall on their server.
The SUPPORT SERVICE includes assistance with technical and licensing issues only.

Technical support is only available to customers holding a valid support subscription for the domain/server affected.

The support service does not include:

  • Installation of SpamTrawler by our support team (Please see "Installation Service")
  • Assistance in “finding” the best possible “AntiSpam” configuration for customer websites ("Maintenance Service")
  • Configuration of customer servers

(The customer is responsible to ensure the server intended to run SpamTrawler, meets the system requirements, prior to purchasing a license)

Service Support Hours
Customers can expect support to be available during all regular business hours.
All times listed are for GMT.
Support hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Support cannot be expected on weekends or on all holidays that the bank observes.
Additionally, the hours of 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. on the first Sunday of every month are reserved for system maintenance, and prior notification (one week or more) will occur if the service will be out during those times.

Customer Support 
The point of contact for customers will be through the Service Desk: Support Portal

Incidents filed by customers holding an active subscription for our “Premium Support Service”, shall be answered within 24 hours during business hours.
Inquiries filed by customers eligible for support, but not holding an active “Premium Support subscription”, shall be answered within 48 hours during business hours.

Service Availability 

“Technical Support Services” are depending on Network/Intranet access, which is not always in our hands, and may on rare occasions cause delays in our response time.
Furthermore “Technical Support Services” may not be available during planned maintenance times.
In case the non-availability is foreseeable, customers shall be informed beforehand, where possible.

Occasionally our support team will need access to your infrastructure including:
  • FTP
  • cPanel/Plesk or any available server control panel
  • SpamTrawler Admin Panel
It is expected that any access provided to our support, is of temporary nature and that the customer changes all access data provided to us, as soon as the incident is resolved, or as soon as our support team informs the customer in case access is no longer needed.
It is the customer’s responsibility to change any access data provided to our support team.