In addition to our software we also offer an array of services ranging from installations to maintenance of your SpamTrawler Web Application Firewall.

All services are on a per license base.

Installation & Update Service

While the first installation of newly purchased licenses is always free, we do offer installation and update for subsequent installations and updates at a small fee of $20.

This service includes:

  • Installation of SpamTrawler on your server by a SpamTrawler representative provided the server meets the requirements
  • Standard configuration based on best practices
  • Monitoring for the first 24 hours after the installation in order to adjust settings if required

Once purchased the installation will be completed within 24 hours during weekdays.

Orders placed on Friday after 12:00pm GMT, during weekends or on bank holidays will be completed until close of business of the next working day.

Premium Support

The premium Support Service, guarantees a reply to your Support Tickets within 24 hours during weekdays, instead of our standard reply guarantee of 48 hours.

Monthly: $8.00

Quarterly: $22.00

Semi-Annually: $42.00

Annually: $79.00

Professional Maintenance

Configuration of your "SpamTrawler" installation to meet your needs (4 incidents per month, 24-48 hour turnaround time)

Installation of minor SpamTrawler updates by us within 48hours after release

Monthly: $25.00

Quarterly: $68.00

Semi-Annually: $128.00

Annually: $248.00