Dashboard Charts


A detailed pie chart makes monitoring the performance and activity of each firewall filter a breeze.

The chart displays the percentage of blocked visitors stopped by each active filter


Percentage of blocked visitors


The "Blocked Percentage" gauge displays the percentage of traffic that has been blocked by the firewall

Percentage of visitors who solved captcha challenge

The "Captcha Percentage" gauge represents the percentage of total visitors who have solved a captcha challenge

Percentage of unblocked visitors who solved captcha challenge

The "Captcha/Visitors Percentage" gauge shows the percentage of visitors who have unblocked themselves by solving a captcha challenge

Percentage of blocked visitors who solved captcha challenge

The "Captcha/Spam Percentage" gauge displays the percentage of solved captcha challenges versus blocked visitors

Data Grids

The dashboard features fully sort-, group- and filterable data grids containing detailed information on all traffic logged by SpamTrawler plus additional research and reporting functionality.

Full visitor details and research functionality

IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

Based on phpIDS, the integrated intrusion detection system (IDS) monitors network activities for malicious traffic blocking it before it reaches your website.

In case of malicious traffic the particular visitor is blocked and a detailed log entry is created.

URL Parameter Filter

A wide range of attacks on websites is attempted by exploiting possibly unsafe applications using malicious URL parameter.

This includes but is not limited to the inclusion of remote files and SQL injection attacks which could lead to a compromised system giving an attacker full control over your website and all its data.

By using the freely configurable "URL Parameter Filter" administrators are able to safeguard their websites and user-base against such attacks.

Country Filter

It is no secret that certain countries are notorious for malicious and spam traffic originating from them.

Blocking traffic from such countries usually leads to increased security and a massive decrease in unwanted traffic and content.

Instead of having to maintain huge htaccess files or firewall policies, SpamTrawler enables the administrator to block whole countries with one click.

IP Filter

Every computer on a network has a unique identifier which is the IP address by which it can be identified.

SpamTrawlers integrated IP filter functions include local and if enabled also external community maintained IP white-/grey- and black lists as well as a local "IP Range" blacklist enabling the control of large blocks of IP addresses.

Hostname Filter

A hostname is a label that is assigned to a device connected to a computer network and can be used to identify the device when connecting to a website.

The integrated "Hostname Filter" consists of a white- and blacklist which can be used to filter traffic based on the particular visitors hostname.

Charset Filter

A character encoding system consists of a code that pairs each character from a given repertoire with something symbol/character.

If activated, this filter gives SpamTrawler the possibility to detect if submitted content is written in either Chinese, Japanese or Cyrillic.

User Agent Filter

The browser used by a visitor can be identified by the "User Agent" header which can in turn be used to filter unwanted traffic.

Referrer Filter

The referrer indicates if a visitor has reached a website by clicking a link on a previous website.

In certain cases administrators may want to limit the traffic coming from particular websites which can be accomplished using this filter.

Username Filter

Being initialized before your web application SpamTrawler is able to intercept freely definable form fields that contain usernames and filter these against a local blacklist.

Email Filter

Same principle as the username filter but filtering email address fields against local and external community maintained email blacklists.

Project Honeypot

A free, distributed, open-source project to help website administrators track, stop, and prosecute spam harvesters stealing email addresses from their sites.

This filter enables SpamTrawler to access the Project Honeypot httpbl to filter known offenders before they access your website.

File Signatures

File integrity monitoring (FIM) is an integral part of web application security.

SpamTrawler allows administrators to create unique signatures of executable files located on the protected virtual host and comparing these either manually or in intervals via a cron job to ensure no unauthorized file deletions, additions and manipulations stay undetected.

Find in Files

Enables administrators to search files by their content in order to speed up file system research (For example after a website has been compromised)

Files Modified within 24 hours

Shows a list with all files modified within the last 24 hours.

Find Files by Name

Lists all files with a filename that matches a particular pattern or string.

Check Permissions

Lists all files and directories with 777/666 (write) permissions.

Virus Scanner

A wrapper for "ClamAV" that enables administrators to perform manual or scheduled virus scans for their virtual host.

Malware Scanner

A wrapper for "Linux Malware Detect" that enables administrators to perform manual or scheduled malware scans for their virtual host.