This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the SpamTrawler Web Application Firewall

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SpamTrawler is a self hosted "Web Application Firewall" protecting your php based website from unwanted traffic and unauthorised changes to your file system.

While the firewall component repels unwanted traffic, SpamTrawlers file-system protection contains powerful tools to scan and research the files on your server for viruses, malware and other possibly unwanted modifications.

In order to use SpamTrawler Web Application Firewall with your website, your server needs to meet the following requirements:


  • PHP5.2+
  • MySQLi or PDO_MySQL
  • Curl
  • IONCube Loaders


  • ClamAV (Optional For integrated Virus Scanner)*
  • Linux Malware Detect (Optional For integrated Malware Scanner)*

*ClamAV and Linux Malware Detect are not required in order for the firewall to work

To test if your Server meets the requirements before your purchase, please use the following script:
SpamTrawler Server Requirements Check

You bet!

All visitor facing content is 100% customizable without any branding, while the firewall backend contains a hook system enabling developers to add their own custom functionality.

SpamTrawler has been developed with compatibility in mind.

The framework ensures SpamTrawlers compatibility to all php based applications known to us by not polluting the global namespace.

In the unlikely event of an incompatibility we are there to assist and offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

SpamTrawler is installed on your web server giving you full control.

An easy step-by-step installation guide as well as a free initial installation service are at hand if required.

All owned licenses include 6 Months Support & Updates access with the initial purchase.

After the first 6 months, Support & Updates access can be optionally renewed to maintain access at a cost of $15 biannually.

Additionally to this every customer has access to our knowledge base, forum and a chat room to enable instant communication with other SpamTrawler users.

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